mercredi 26 octobre 2016

Docker ... let's start

Introduction :

First, to know docker, I invite you to read what is written on their website. but what they mean by it all. In fact, simply, is to create a server that will contain everything you want: application server, RDBMS, web server, application software ....

But how to do all this : 

well it's simple: just install docker on your machine (it's exist for any OS).

And whats : 
I told you, it's simple, if you want a server ready to use without any customization: then you can go on the docker hub website.
Well, if you chose to install your server, then run the docker run command is well documented on the site.

Example : 

I take the case of jenkins, jenkins if you are looking on the search bar: jenkins, you have this:

I recommend you always use the official repo.You will find how to perform this official image.

  docker run jenkins 

Congrats, now you have a jenkins server installed on your machine.